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OUR CLUB 231 COMPANY PHOTO .. Finally got this group of talent in the same room ... @jackielunaflower @goldclubchris @goldclubelectrictattoo @mamahotdog @simsbarbershop @hixdesign @ounzezilla ... And .. @mikewolfeamericanpicker @jdotjones @newpaloop ... Y'all were there in spirit !! .. This group of amazing people have come together to make The SLUMERICAN Flagship store in Marathon Village Nashville TN a reality .. BARBER • TATTOO • LIFESTYLE ...This has been a vision of mine for a long time .. I think the key to seeing things through is empowering others along the way .. Filling those gaps in places your not great at and building a monster team .. And with this group of killers we already have the greatest shop in the WORLD !! If your local in Nashville .. Or surrounding states ... Be sure to follow my page for the grand opening date !! SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICANMADE #SLUMERICANFLAGSHIPSTORE #FUCKINGETTIIT @troubleandrew



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