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#SLUMFEST2016 EAST COAST !!! Grab your tickets now !! .. Since DJPAUL @djpaulkom joined the SLUMERICAN family .. Shit just got turnt' son !! .. Who don't want to ride a motorcycle to a show with @shooterjennings and 3.6 Mafia on the same bill ?!! ... We're #FUCKINGETTINIT OVER HERE !!!!! " WHADLE'YA'HAVE?!! " ... BUBBA MATHIS , STRUGGLE JENNINGS , COOK UP BOSS ... HILL BILLY CASINO , BIG HENRY .. JOSHUA HEDLEY The mother fuckin WALL OF DEATH with @kyleives1 !! .. SEPT 17th Nashville TN at @boswellshd #GETSLUM @bubbamathis @cookupboss @bighenry256 @hillbillycasino @joshuahedley @hillbillycasino @iamstruggle @shooterjennings @djpaulkom .... SLUMERICAN.COM #SLUMERICAN SLUMFEST #WHADLE'YA'HAVE



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