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#devilspass hits WILD BILLS TONIGHT !!! Jackie's out here ride or die .. No back rest .. Who's got your back ?! My precious cargo @jackielunaflower RIDEORDIE #SLUMERICAN #devilspass #FUCKINGETTINIT #rideordie



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Its Live free or die! to correct you if you're wrong don't get a slut.... fucked up me I recover quickly and aint nobody trying to do me any favors as you well remember? Columbus Ohio.... Devils Pass well well, looks like somebody just walked over your grave Jackie RinGo.... My fight is with Fefe? are your sure as I see it my fight we started aint over! speak up? or bounce out we built him up we can burn him down down down... and its there you'll nevr find peace as we live again M.Shadows and our crew know why we already died once living again this means WAR!!!! who side you on Yela the voices feel closer to you as that slut comforts you....? BY the way ZAcky aint got nothing to do with it... were a fuckin team A7X Forever! Whisperz. Hail to ther KINg top the charts in several countries and what songs you got on your own top the charts? not with my Boy Em on your own mother fucker? speak on it?