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@BuckWildBrand killed this @biltwell helmet for me to wear on the #SlumFestWest #DevilsPass ride!  Have ya’lls bikes ready to roll from @quaidharleydavidson at 9am this Saturday 10.1.16. We also got #DevilsPass Northern California leaving @ 9am from @BigAlsCycles to meet up at the first California #SLUMFEST @BanditTownUSA. Tag all your biker friends to jump on the ride and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, go to SLUMFESTWEST2016.COM Special THNX for all the support: #SLUMTattoos bye @JohnXCalebtattoo  @HotBikeMag with custom @EmericksIronWorks.  @AmericanStickerCompany @MonsterEnergy @Slumerican @HarleyDavidson #LiveYourLegend @Biltwell @UnknownIndustries @RustyButcher @BigAlsCycles @PabstBlueRibbon @SailorJerry  @LawTigers @SpeakeasyOriginal  @LASpeedShop @BuckWildBrand @VahollCC @WastedTimes_ @ChevyMilitia SLUMERICAN #SLUMFESTWEST #SLUMERICAN #FUCKINGETTINIT



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