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.. and life is good .. Jackie and I post up during VIP #slumfestwest .. : @ounzezilla snaps a classic .. X @jackielunaflower 9 #SLUMERICAN #devilspass #findyelwolfsvest



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Fuck you 2. then I knew you weren't worth it nice snapshot.... drink it up before I block your nothing but a stalk! jealousy is lousy, I don't play other woman games if its like that then might as well finish what I started.... but if you don't care don't wanna work with me then let me know another picture of her and we aint nothing but buck shots in the winds... or the shots that rang out in a sluts head! threat nah its a promise xoxo I never go back on a prom,is Jackie playing for blood ? i'll be your huckleberry bitch step away willingly