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Headed home to bury one of my best friends in the world ... just wanted to celebrate his verse on " Get Away " with y'all this MORNIN !! .. he fuckin destroyed me and Mystical in my opinion ... cause every word he said was raw and real to the core of his actual life ... not a flex for word play .. just the plain and simple truth ... I always considered Fatt to be a preacher .. he was the 7th son ... quite possibly this verse was one thing the world was worthy of even hearing ... listening now he's telling us his life story ... from birth to death .. he survived the southern ghetto experience with a smile on his face ... hiding what dark truths he had in his past to make people happier .. I loved him dearly .. love him dearly eternally. Fatt - 10 toes down bud !!! @shawtyfatt #SLUMERICAN @shadyrecords INTERSCOPE GhettoVision @kawanprather BEAR @wlpwr @poobear @mallymall 333 WAYNE BUSH @bighenry Gadsden ALA FUCKIN BAMA !!!!! #keepitdusty



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