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Thank you Nashville for coming out and celebrating the last day of the .SLUMERICAN.MADE.TOUR. To all the family and friends that supported and helped us along the way thank you !! .. @bigbassape Geoff thanks for documenting last night !! @kleversworld @bonesowens we've started something serious boys ... @rittz @djchriscrisis @bighenry256 killed it .. @newpaloop HOTEL ? @chrisbrooklyn ... @ounzezilla good job bud ... the baby @fefedobsonofficial ... Chris thanx man you jumped on and showed out bud .. To @travisbarker @timmilhouse @famousstarsandstraps as always !!! ... @kramnameerf @forevercrossingtheline All the Venues ... Lastly the Fans .. The real SLUMERICANS !!! keep the tattoos going !!! Keep SLUMIN' !!! .. See yall again I hope on the LOVE STORY TOUR !!!



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