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@fefedobsonofficial treated me like royalty on my bday ... I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so I couldn't eat solid foods .. She hooked up a bangin dinner for me and the babies .. And a made from scratch me a birthday cake smoothie !!! .. If that wasn't enough after killing christmas .. She gave me this amazing ring form @kingbaby with 30 finely detailed skulls .. With the main black obsidian stone carved skull in the center .. This ring is classic. Growing up ain't so bad after all .. Style is becoming timeless. Things that I will wear and cherish till I'm old and grey ... in my dirty 30's ... like Whiskey in a Bottle ... Just getting stronger by the year. Thanx for all the BDay wishes yall !! .. And thanx Baby @fefedobsonofficial for takin care of me ... Feelin like I need to hit the studio again !!! Inspired. .SLUMERICAN.MADE. lord of the rings !!



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