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The very long and tedious job of sifting through photos for my album , posters , adds etc .. Has begun .. @spidysmith has laid out in front of me some of the coldest shots I've ever taken. Most of which were not at all posed for .. just moments in time .. Although I have some great photos on my hands for this album .. It's now about placement .. Where to put each of them and why ? .. These things I used to give other people the job of doing and that's one of my biggest career regrets ... Listen ALL you aspiring artist out there !!! ... Protect your vision , ideas .. and style .. Tell a story with your images ... and be selective with what you let promoters and magazines use to advertise you .. Your managers , labels , stylist , they don't know shit about what's a " good look " for you .. Only you YOU have that final say .. That's an easy post to write for me now ... But I've been the lamb to become a wolf trust me .. So your welcome for that ... Anyway ... LOVESTORY 's art works gonna be a challenge .. But I'm up for it. I see a possible Table Book .SLUMERICAN.MADE. of course



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