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" You got the phony Geneva watch with the Ferrari kit " ?!! ... I do !! ... I bought one at a "gold chains and thangs" free standing kiosk at the Galleria in Birmingham Alabama .. The Indian man tried to sell me a chain for 5 grand .. I passed On that and bought this Geneva watch for 30bucks .. Big Gold Nugget band with the Virginia Mary background .. All Fake .. All Geneva .. All because of Pimp C .. I'll pass on the Ferrari kit .. but if you see a Geneva watch ... Snatch that shit up !!! .. It's been two years and this watch still ain't faded .. That's that good fake gold .. I wouldn't suggest gettin fake gold teeth though .. Harsh ... R.I.P Pimp C .. Legend !!! .SLUMERICAN.MADE. @trillog BunB .. Am I still good to go ? Ha .. Hallerrrrrr



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