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SLUMERICANS !!! ... To celebrate the release of my Album LOVESTORY .. We've put together a contest .. I want to hear YOUR Love Story !! .. What moves you ? .. Who , why ? ... Tell me what your LOVESTORY is and send to me via story , videos or photos .. And be eligible to win a Prize Pack !!! .. I'll definitely throw something personal in there for the winners .. They'll be plenty of great LOVESTORY's I'm sure .. And remember .. Love aint' bound to just a relationship between two people .. you can Love anything in the world .. My LOVESTORY is about my life's passion for music and the ability it gives me to talk about family , religion , war , joy and pain ... What's yours ? ... Submit it and WIN !! Hey .. Here's to your emotional Baggage !!! Haha ... after all I made I made a career out of it !!! Happy Valentines Day !! @shadyrecords SLUMERICAN



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