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My 2015 CVO Street Glide @harleydavidson @boswellshd ... this F**KN BIKE !!! I'm in love with it .. I threw some black Vance and Hines pipes on it before my trip to Florida .. and a back rest for FeFe .. Think I'll black out the wheels and throw some mini apes on it .. Call it a day .. The 110 screaming eagle is addictive .. 90 in 6th gear barely pushes the motor ... I could go on and on .. Besides being able to blue tooth Rolling Stones to a crazy loud stereo on it .. The bike is actually classy and timeless .. By far my most exciting purchase .. I'd say even more than my Silverado .. I'm just trying to put some miles on these wheels before the madness begins again .. Photo : @fefedobsonofficial !! thank you again @boswellshd and @harleydavidson .. And your welcome haha .. ️️ .SLUMERICAN.DREAM. ️️come true !



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