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Prt.6 fishin trip 2015 The Keys ... Rico caught a HUGE nurse shark !! .. I can't believe he was pullin this shark in .. My little man made it happen !! .. He wanted to mount him as a trophy .. But he had that thought after the nurse shark was off the hook and long gone .. Would have been hilarious to mount a nurse shark though !! ... Me and @fefedobsonofficial had a blast out there ... We brought home a few snapper in the end .. Rico got sea sick .. And I laughed all the way back to calm water ... Sorry Robot .. I love you .. Well that's all I could edit up for yall .. Hope you enjoyed the footy .. For those of you just seeing this post .. Look back on the previous 5 videos in sequence .. 1-5 you'll dig it !! .. Later yall ️️SLUMERIKIDS️️



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