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.. I consider Travis my brother and my mentor .. He's been such an amazing person to me .. We've done so many rad things together .. But I've never seen him live with BLINK 182 .... Honestly watching him play with Blink was like meeting him for the first time .. Listen ... he's the best drummer alive yall .. No joke .. Foreal the best .. It was seriously surreal to watch .. Travis we love ya bud .. Your contribution to our generation is greatness .. Your respect and humbleness .. It's all recognized .. Thank you for being an amazing friend .. And a leader for us .. And thank you for a great festival .. I speak for all the fans , tattoo collectors , artist , builders ... We're all here man .. @travisbarker @timmilhouse @famousstarsandstraps @musink_tatfest photo : @kleversworld @bonesowens ️️FAMOUSxSLUMERICAN️️



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