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Mannn ... Me and @bonesowens were just strolling up Broadway in Nashville and ran into these SLUMS .. Believe or not this group of amazing people are on the streets handing out flyers for my album ... Flyers they made on their own ?!! .. For LOVESTORY .. Man I can't tell you how priceless that is. I'm honored to have you all .. Labels pay shit tons of money to get people like this to " act " like they like your music ... To see this was unreal !! .. Thank you @ronmexico421 @publifebobbers @yaay85 for representing !!! .. Just for that I'm gonna take them out in the CHEVY tonight and play them the album !! ... After all .. They're working to promote an album they've never even heard .. That just the way we are ️️SLUMERICAN.MADE️️ #slumerican @shadyrecords INTERSCOPE .. Thank you again !!! Hey @jellyroll615 @iamstruggle @goldclubchris @spidysmith @slumerican @jdotjones @ounzezilla @eminem @rosenberg check this shit out !! Wolf mask Slumerican hoodie is killing it !!!



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