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Had a good ride with @dbillingsleytattoos ... Didn't make it out to Bama .. He had to catch a plane in the A.M .. So I took him out to Leapers Fork. Ran in to @mikewolfeamericanpicker and his wife and baby Charlie .. and then Wynnona Judd , Cactus and family .. I haven't seen Wynnona since church with @shooterjennings when we were kids ... Hope yall found some golden eggs out there .. If you did .. Track down the bunny who laid it and trap em !! Later ️️SLUMERICAN️️ #rollyourown #slumerican @harleydavidson @boswellshd @bonesowens be safe out there bud .. @spidysmith is licensed up !! One more crew member ready .. @kleversworld where you at ?!



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