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Just dropped my new @schottnyc jacket off with @mikefite at @goldclubelectrictattoo my homies @goldclubchris and @dbillingsleytattoos have great company over there .. Also sitting in is @krispatay a lot of talent at the GC ... I gave Mike a design idea for the back panel of my Jacket .. I'll be premiering it in the "BESTFRIEND" video with @eminem in Detroit .. Directed by my good friend @spidysmith .... Of all things cool today I also sent the Hard Bags off my 2015CVO @harleydavidson to Kyle @hixdesign .. Along with my seats and foot pedals .. And to top it all off .. I met Garth fuckin Brooks @garthbrooks at the doctors office .. Just a one on one moment in the lobby .. It was epic .. Not the place to exchange numbers .. But I'll see him around I'm sure. I actually submitted "Have a Great flight" to him through our mutual friend John McBride .. He said " I was flattered you offered me that song " guess he couldn't get to that one .. Other wise the only two features on my album LOVESTORY would have been Eminem and Garth Brooks .... That's just some way too cool shit to not share with yall ... #blameitallonmyroots ️️SLUMERICAN️️



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