Yela Wolf - Kickin'

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Who the one from the pine, whaddup yall?
I'm the one from the grind, How low yall
Low below the Dixie line, fuck with me,
I'll show ya how to pull the quarter pound off the rippy, off the rippy
I'm catfish bitch
I am back in this
These steak knife (who?) pump action
Nadda nothin buddy don't even try to bother (holler) him
I told you I'm catfish, I'm quick to swaller (swaller) him
Young gangsters bustin wanna act bad (bad)
Worse than gun shells like Bush in Baghdad
My bazooka got the chopper in Zone
Bake Chili muffins like a motherfuckin hoe
Glass breakin I have your mother duckin low
Back down haha now that's a motherfuckin joke
Southern boys got hot butter for your soul
Cracker barrel bullet dynamite so lets go

My rattlin trunk, got them bobble heads lookin
Rear view mirrors got the world sittin crooked
I am kick kickin kick kick kick kickin
Kick kickin kick kick kick kickin
These twelve inch speakers, these six inch tweaters
I'm playin those haters
I got that gator
I am kick kickin kick kick kick kickin
Kick kickin kick kick kick kickin



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